My two-week internship at TQuality was not just a dive into the world of web development, but also a journey of self-discovery. Initially, my focus was on HTML and JavaScript, where I dealt with the design and functionality of the website. However, the real challenge arose when I delved into the backend, powered by Java.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with odyX, a test management tool. A particularly interesting aspect of my involvement was actively contributing to the implementation of new features, specifically focusing on Test Automation integration.

I played a key role in updating dashboards to give them a more modern and polished look. This hands-on experience went beyond just technical skills, providing valuable insights into how a genuine software team operates. I not only contributed to creating new dashboards but also led the makeover of existing ones, improving both their functionality and appearance.

Furthermore, my internship broadened my understanding of how a software development team functions. Collaborating with my colleagues helped me grasp the teamwork required for successful project execution. Additionally, I had the chance to closely observe the Scrum process, a structured method that facilitates effective collaboration and project management within a team. This exposure not only deepened my knowledge but also offered practical insights into the coordinated efforts necessary for the smooth operation of a software development team.

Throughout this journey, Steve, my mentor, proved to be a reliable guide whenever challenges arose. Whether it was navigating intricate backend issues or comprehending the intricacies of HTML communication with the backend, Steve’s guidance made seemingly complex tasks manageable.

The most gratifying aspect of the internship was witnessing conceptual ideas transform into tangible features on the live website. From enhancing the front-end to addressing technical aspects on the backend, working with odyX, and gaining insights into the functioning of a software team. It was an enriching learning experience, and I want to thank TQuality for the valuable learning opportunity during the past two weeks.

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