odyX 4.0.0 release

Welcome to the world of odyX – where testing meets innovation, and software quality reigns supreme! We are delighted to present the latest odyX features that will transform your testing experience. With a renewed focus on Test Automation and Bug Reporting, odyX empowers testers, developers, and QA teams to achieve unparalleled testing excellence. Let’s dive into these exciting new capabilities.

1. Test Automation Overview Dashboard

Say hello to your testing command center! The Test Automation Overview Dashboard in odyX provides a panoramic view of your test automation efforts. Monitor the status, progress, and overall efficiency of your test automation projects in real-time. Uncover valuable insights and identify areas for improvement to boost testing productivity. With our intuitive visualizations, making data-driven decisions has never been easier!

2. Flagging Test Cases to be Automated

Take control of your test automation strategy! odyX introduces a game-changing feature – “Flagging Test Cases to be Automated.” Now, you can easily identify and prioritize test cases that need automation. Streamline your testing efforts by focusing on critical scenarios, enhancing test coverage, and ensuring high-quality software releases.

3. Seamless Bug Reporting within odyX

Bug reporting made effortless! Gone are the days of juggling between different tools for issue tracking. With odyX’s in-built Bug Reporting feature, you can swiftly report and track bugs directly from the platform. Collaborate seamlessly with developers, resolve issues faster, and ensure a smooth software development lifecycle.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

odyX fosters teamwork and effective communication like never before. Our platform provides a centralized space for testers and developers to collaborate on test cases, share feedback, and resolve bugs efficiently. Enhance team productivity, reduce miscommunication, and deliver exceptional software products together.


odyX has redefined the testing landscape with its new features, strengthening test automation, and bug reporting capabilities. As we continue to evolve, our commitment to providing exceptional testing solutions remains unwavering.

Are you ready to elevate your testing game to new heights? Embrace the power of odyX and experience seamless Test Automation, efficient Bug Reporting, and enhanced collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey towards testing excellence!

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Disclaimer: The mentioned features are based on the latest odyX version available at the time of writing. Please refer to the official odyX website for the most up-to-date information.

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