TAAS usecase: Salesforce application

One of our bigger customers utilizes our testing as a service solution. We needed to test an externally developed software package. The software package they used was salesforce and this was linked to an internal support package where all the data is stored and the public website that started their sales/support journey.

The main input from our customers was that they needed an external eye to see if everything behaved as it should. That all the buttons worked, and that the data was stored and shown correctly.

After documentation analysis and speaking with the business we created an approach on how to start testing this salesforce application. With the documentation and talks we have we could stipulate several flows that users would follow, to add and search data.

After we tested these flows, we noticed delays in data transfer and issues with getting data from the website to the salesforce application. Which was one of the more important features, so we immediately informed the customer on this issue.

We also wanted to check what the performance was when a lot of calls happened simultaneously and as we suspected this would make the data transfer even slower.

We also went through all the pages in salesforce to check if all the different links and buttons were present. And checked if the behaviour of the different buttons were as expected. 

We found several buttons that should point to other applications not working or not behaving as expected. Which we added with a detailed step plan in our report.

For the UI and UX we couldn’t really test much as the customer used stock salesforce as much as possible, so as not to have a big maintenance budget.


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