TAAS usecase: POC of IOS application

Recently we had a customer that needed testing done after they finished a proof of concept of their application. The application itself was a Tinder-like application for finding your next job. They had chosen – because of budgets constraints – to just have the release testing with a big focus on the user experience.

As always, we had a meeting, in this case with the founders on their idea of how the application should work. The application itself was based on the Tinder idea: you get profiles (in this case job descriptions) with a few key values. The user can then choose to like or dislike the vacancy. The recruiter then gets a notification with all the information from the possible new employee. 

The testcase we created had user simulations liking vacancies, meanwhile checking we did not get any vacancies back and if the recruiter got the profile. 

The interactions and the testcases we executed did not raise any bugs as this worked as expected. Also, all buttons inside the application worked as expected and behaved as we expected.

For the UI we did have some remarks as the data shown was sometimes too much to be viewed properly on a screen. This was also the issue on the recruiter’s profile having too much information on it when an applicant liked the vacancy. 

We gave this as a potential issue that they needed to streamline this information shown on the screen. Also, the gamification of the application wasn’t really what you suspect as the current build only contained buttons to like and no swipes. 

Our report of the developed application was positive as we did not find any critical bugs. The only bigger issues we found was in the GUI as this could be optimized with the amount of data shown.

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