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In the first years of a start-up, budget is tight and the solution needs to be pushed out in order for revenue to be generated. Most of the time development will be prioritized above testing. As this is understandable to prioritize your product’s new features. It can generate a great gap of potential issues that will come and grind development down later in the process.

Of course you can just fix this later, but how much time is later? This could be a gap of several years of development as a tester, certainly a senior profile, costs a lot of money. But even with hiring your tester you still have years of development to cover, maybe development that wasn’t documented fully. This will lead to further delays and time taken to get your testing up to speed. 

So what to do about this? Hire a tester early? Force developers to test? Hope for the best? 

For this we at TQuality created a better solution. Because hiring a tester could have constraints on your budget, or if you hire a junior, they don’t have the same skill and experience as a senior. Plus there is a possibility that the tester just doesn’t have work to do as the developers are still creating the solution and this will take some time.

The TQuality testing as a service solution will help bridge the gap for you. With our years of experience, we created a solution built on 5 pillars:

  • Functional testing
  • System testing
  • AI-testing
  • Security testing
  • UI/UX testing

In the functional testing we will take a deeper look at a targeted feature that you want to have tested. And will later report all bugs we found in this specific feature with the detailed images and behaviour.

With system testing we will exploratively test your application and replicate real user behaviour in order to uncover potential bugs in your workflow.

Our AI-testing tool is an in-house created AI that will walk through your application. It will scan all your objects and form testcases and potential paths based on past experiences. 

For security testing we created several basic scripts to cover SQL-injection and potential open API request as well as load testing to check your applications behaviour when it comes under severe stress.

Last but not least is the UI/UX check we do on your application. UI/UX becomes more and more one of the important keystones of any application. For this we follow the new trends and developments to bring you tips on increasing your UI and UX.

This is all done within a fraction of the year budget of a tester, junior or senior. But with the experience of a testing team that constantly improves itself and the methods used. 

After we have done our testing, we will give you a detailed report of bugs found, possible improvements to increase the quality of your software.  

Need more information about our solution? Check our webpage.

Need more information about our solution? Check our webpage:

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