Passion For Quality

TQuality helps you in testing your software product for bugs, before they cost you money!

Trusted partner

We want to be a quality partner you want to work with. Focusses on improving YOUR software quality!

Clear planning

When we work with our clients we create a clear plan on how we are going to improve YOUR software quality.


With our test automation specialist, we focus on getting as much as possible in YOUR testing pipeline. To reduce the manual work.

Detailed documentation

With every step to a better software product we detail what we can and have improveme.

About Us

TQuality was founded in 2020 with the quality mindset baked in from the start. With years of experience in software testing and test automation, we created services based on the needs of our customers to help them deliver quality software.

Our Company Services

Test Automation

Test Automation

In modern development environments test automation is key to deliver quality software. With years of experience in the field of test automation we can deliver you the framework and the tools you need to improve the quality of your software.

Quality Check

Quality Check

Let the TQuality team check your quality process, so that we can deliver you the best approach to improve your quality process.

Test Consultancy

Test Consultancy

When needed we can provide you with the profiles you need, to help you in your testing efforts.



odyX is our own developed Test Management tool to speed up the test process.

Get A Solution For Your Quality Process

We Are More Than a Consultancy firm

TQuality is more than just a consultancy firm that wants to bill its hours. We want to help you in improving your quality process. With a clear plan on getting your team launched and working independent so that we aren’t needed anymore.

  • Quality Experts

    We deliver quality experts internal or external to get your projects up to speed.

  • Clear project goals

    We define clear goals in our projects to give you a clear overview

Steve De Clercq

Steve De Clercq


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Do you have issues with bugs in your software?

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How is our initial process?

When you want to setup up an improvement project with us we work in a structured way to get your quality process on track.

01- Initial intake

We have an initial meeting with you, to find the struggles with your quality process.

02 - Planning

We analyse and create a plan of approach to get your quality process on track.

03 - Start

We start the project and help you get rid of the bugs in your software!

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